Control Quality Systems for Flexography and Rotogravure



100% Inspection system

  • GRAFIKSCAN 3000 is a system for the 100% inspection of the printed web, guaranteeing total control during the printing process by automatically surveying and cataloguing all defects in order to provide a real-time analysis of the progress of production up to 600 m/min.
  • GRAFIKSCAN 3000, having a modular architecture, can be integrated with the GRAFIKSCAN 2200. The combination of the different technologies linked to imageprocessing algorithms provides a complete and simple instrument for operator support to control any printing process: gravure, flexographic and offset.
  • The system is composed of one or more linear colour cameras, designed to perform at production speeds exceeding 600 m/min while maintaining perfect image resolution.
  • The white LED lighting ensures a quality and a distribution of light without any image degradation even on metalized substrates. The life of this component is over 100.000 hours (11 years).
  • The GRAFIKSCAN 3000 capabilities can be augmented by additional software and features (interactive register©, bar code verification, Δ colour monitoring) to increase the control of printing.
  • The system is configured for remote support through a dedicated VPN connection.
    Defects are instantly highlighted on the screen with relevant cataloguing according to the following types: register, streaking, colour variation, spots and hazing. Each class of defect can be assigned a separate alarm threshold. A visual and/or acoustic alarm warns the operator when the threshold has been exceeded and the screen displays the detected defect. By simply pressing a button the sample image can be superimposed to the defect image for an easy comparison. A dedicated algorithm compensates for web shift and stretch.
    Real-time display of the entire print repeat on 30” super HD monitors. The display of each complete repeat enables the operator to instantly analyse the print conditions of the entire web and adjust for any problems (skew, differences in pressure, etc.).
  • “CLICK & VIEW”
    This function combines the 30” wide screen and the area camera with traverse and motorized zoom. Detailed analysis of any part of the repeat can be instantly viewed on the 19” operator interface by clicking the cursor in the desired location on the full repeat display. This interface ensures accurate viewing of the desired field of view.

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